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The Italian company, specialized in producing high-quality roasted coffee is looking for new suppliers of unroasted coffee beans. The company is looking to establish a long-term partnerships under distribution services agreement in EU and extra EU.

The Italian company, already producing olive oil in Tuscany, has purchased  in 2016 a coffee brand which was set up in 1999 thanks to the passion for coffee of its former owner. A consultant working for the brand since 1999 is now working for the new owner, so that the expertise and long time experience in the coffee sector is not lost.
Being one of the 52 founding members of the Specialty Coffee Association for Europe, an European Association launched to promote high-quality coffee, the company is very attentive to quality in processes and products in the coffee technical field.
The company is specialized in the manufacturing of roasted coffee, roasting each coffee origin separately and blending them afterwards, with an accurate selection of raw materials, coming from different parts of the world.
The company's products range includes coffee in beans and ground coffee, currently distributed mainly at national level to hotels and restaurants sector and small-scale retailers. The carefully studied and balanced coffee blends come from the selection of the highest-quality certified origins and are kept consistent over time.
The company’s philosophy is to produce a high-end blend for maximum customer satisfaction. 

The company has already a wide range of Specialty Coffees available, which are distinguished by greater acidity and aromatic complexity.

The Italian company is now looking to establish long-term partnerships under distribution services agreement with new suppliers of unroasted coffee beans from EU and extra EU countries.


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Thursday, 21 April, 2022