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Matchmaking Brokerage Event at Futurebuild 2022

Brokerage event
United Kingdom
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This Matchmaking Brokerage Event delivered by Innovation UK EDGE, taking place at Futurebuild 2022, is a 1 day in-person event for businesses seeking to share their expert knowledge and build business collaborations with other companies.

This FREE-to-attend event enables you to select, meet and showcase your business or expertise during private 1-2-1 meetings (20-minutes each). They will offer you bespoke advice and insights to help your business explore growth opportunities.

Who can participate?
This in-person matchmaking event is open to UK and international businesses who are SMEs, large enterprises, public authorities, universities and research centres looking to collaborate through business, technology or R&D agreements to achieve innovation and economic growth within the UK and international markets.

Why should you attend?
- Raise awareness of your products & services and explore opportunities that could improve your business
- Find Research & Development partners for funding and knowledge transfer opportunities
- Discover market opportunities, barriers and crucial insights on what products and services are in demand
- Build and discover relationships with potential business partners and find out about the support available to your business
- Meet with expert Innovate UK EDGE Innovation & Growth Specialists to advise on scale and growth support
- Pre-book 20 minute 1-2-1 appointments with companies of your choice
- Showcase your products & services with an online profile before the event
- Network with like-minded business owners 

Website is currently being developed for registrations.


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